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The Long Way Home

Active universe. Pairings: Jim/Trixie, non-traditional.

My original universe. The lives of the Bob-Whites take a new turn as Jim and Brian finish school. A surprise inheritance and the mystery it uncovers start them off on a journey that will take them on the long way home.

Latest: Chasing Anubis part three (18 October, 2023). Next: Epic.


A Time and A Season

Inactive universe. Pairings: Traditional.

We begin just after the girls finish high school. Helen Belden has a secret and not everything is as it seems. Can the Bob-Whites find solutions to these problems? Find out as A Time and A Season unfolds.

Latest: Preservation, (13 August, 2007). This universe is not active.


Summer Secrets

Completed universe. Pairings: Begins traditional, but changes from story to story.

Summer in Sleepyside means mysteries. In this universe, however, it is also the time of year that the Bob-Whites try to keep secrets from each other, with unexpected results …

This universe was completed on 4 January, 2018.


Dark Places

Active universe. No Pairings.

Pure adventure awaits as Trixie discovers a hidden world, out of sight, but near at hand. With not so much as a fond look, this mini-universe is safe for all readers, though it may get a little scary in spots.

Latest: Dark Places: From the Ashes, part 5 (28 June, 2017). Next: Enigma.


Reality Displaced

Active universe. Usually no pairings.

Portals to an alternate reality lead to various adventures as the Bob-Whites discover what can happen if you mess with things you don’t understand.

Latest: The Mystery of the Muddled Memories (20 November, 2021). Next: TBD.



Mini-universes and stand-alones. No Pairings (most stories).

Here you will find stories which diverge from canon in some way. Perhaps a deceased character survived. Or there might be some other difference. Some are stand-alone stories, while others belong in a mini-universe.

Latest: Winds of Change: July Zephyr (14 April, 2023). Next: Winds of Change: Storm Warning.


Odds and Ends

Traditional pairings (some stories); Non-traditional pairings (some stories); No Pairings (some stories).

All of my non-universe stories are found here. They vary from comedy to romance to spooky happenings to the miriad variations of my choose-your-own-adventure style story The Pendeville House Affair.

Latest: Fresh as a Daisy (21 March, 2024). Next: TBD


Sleepyside Sun, Jixemitri edition

Jixemitri is a site dedicated to Trixie fanfic. As well as the Sleepyside Sun (where you will find story announcements made by official Jix authors) make sure you check out the message board.

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